* Polish change $12 (8-10 mins):  

  Remove polish, trim/shape, buff, polish


* Refresh pedicure/ Regular pedicure $30 (25-30 mins):

  Soak, trim/shape, complete cuticle care, buff, callus eliminator & pumice, lower leg salt exfoliation, massage with lavender oil & tiger balm, hot stone, warm towel, polish



* Organic spa pedicure $45 (45 mins):  

  + Begin with similar steps like basic pedicure with an organic salt foot soak, *callus eliminator* application & pumice, organic sugar scrub, signature heel cream, massage, lavender paraffin wax to wrap your feet and make your skin softener, lavender oil & tiger balm, hot towel, polish

  + Pick one scent of your choice: Charcoal, Green Tea, Lemon 


*** Signature Herbal Pedicure $55 (55 mins) ( Natural Nail Studio Recommended ) :

    Herbal Spa Pedicures use all natural ingredients from real natural flower pedals to natural oil. These fresh ingredients are then mixed into specialized pedicure treatment solutions. There are varieties of scents and mixtures of your choice which also helps ease the mind and ease the body's aches. These Herbal Spa Pedicures are the ultimate relaxation treat.


 Spearmint & Lavender: Ease aching the head with a Migraine relief Spa Treatment

      Lavender & Orange: Help your skin be Healthier, Vitality, Smooth & looking Redefined

      Green Tea & Rosemary & Lemongrass: Rich in Antioxidants to help detoxify the body

      Relaxing Lavender: Relax and Unwind

      Rosemary & Peppermint: Design to benefit both Mind and Body

       Renewing Rose: Renew with Floral Rose Spa

      Rose and Lavender: A fresh smelling Floral formula designed to pamper Bridges to be























* Jelly pedicure $65 (60- 65 mins):

  + Begins with 5 minutes special jelly foot soak and light massage, follow by similar steps like basic pedicure, *callus eliminator* application & pumice, sugar scrub to exfoliate the feet & legs, replenishing foot mask with hot towel wrap, massage cream, paraffin wax with oil and tiger balm massage, finish with your favorite polish. (Scent options: Peppermint, Aloe Vera, and Lavender)