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Our Nail is better than your Ex !

       ♥ We believe in providing toxic-free nail services to all customers, hence our beloved tagline, beauty doesn’t have to be toxic.


       ♥ Located at 1707B Marsh Road, Wilmington DE 19810, our salon uses the most modern salon technology, to bring you the best nail care services. As our name suggests, we use natural and organic products for our services. High-quality and non-toxic, our products are safe for use and you do not have to worry about any side-effects or harm.

       ♥ Natural Nail Studio hosts a wide range of services; our catalog includes Dipping Powder, Gel X, herbal pedicure spa and all kinds of nail polishes.


       ♥ We have more than 1000 nail polish colors to satisfy all your nail color choices! Isn’t that a mind-blowing collection indeed!?

       ♥ At Natural Nail Studio, our foremost concern goes to the cleanliness and hygiene of our spa. We have a good odor removal system that will ensure a healthy salon atmosphere. Our salon is also always clean and tidy. For the risk-free pedicure, we use pedicure liners for our pedicure services. Cozy interiors and beautiful decoration are yet other features that make our salon stand out from the others.     

       ♥ With an impressive salon environment that will make you feel like home, you will enjoy each moment at our salon.

       ♥ How often do you find a salon that you treat you like a queen? The staffs at Natural Nail Studio are friendly and caring, and you can voice any of your concerns to them. They are also kind and funny, giving you a few good hours at our salon. Highly skilled and experienced, we assure you the best services from all our nail technicians. Our owner is another charming personality, who is friendly and close to everyone. 

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